Master Chen Bing's 2019 Seminar in Columbus, Ohio

Master Chen Bing will be in Columbus, Ohio from May 21 to May 29, 2019 for special training sessions for beginners as well as advanced Chen Taiji (Taichi) practitioners.


Master Chen Bing

Master Chen Bing is a direct lineage of Chen Wangting, the creator of Chen Taijiquan (Taichi). Master Chen Bing is also an undefeated Taichi champion, 12th generation lineage holder of Chen Tai Chi, and  the headmaster of Chen Bing Taiji Academy located in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, China - The Birth Place of Taijiquan. (See:'ai_chi_ch'uan).  


He is frequently invited to teach seminar world wide. Please visit for his international seminars.

Chen Bing Taiji Training

Chen Bing Taiji Training is a martial arts group to accommodate and support all dedicated martial arts practitioners as well as health conscience individuals in Ohio who practice Chen Taiji as taught by Master Chen Bing. Andi Sie (Coach Sie) together with Ms. Chilin Yu started organizing the group training in 2005. Andi Sie is a direct disciple of Master Chen Bing and 13th generation Chen Taiji family practitioner. Our mission is to make people happier, healthier and be fearless in life. We help each other to attain the ultimate harmony for our mind and body.  We practice to manage the ever changing state of the opposite forces in life commonly known in Chinese as 'Yin and Yang'; soft and hard, slow and fast, push and pull, and so on. 

Chen Taiji (Taichi)

Chen Taiji is short of Chen Family Style Taijiquan (陳氏太極拳). It is the mother form of Taijiquan (literally translated as "Supreme Ultimate Boxing" or commonly known in the West as 'Taichi' or 'Tai Chi' ) created in Ming dynasty about 400 years ago by Master Chen Bing's direct ancestor, Chen Wangting. It is from Chen Taiji that other styles of Taichi such as Wu, Sun and Yang were derived from. Millions of people enjoy practicing Taichi for its long term martial arts, health and fitness benefits. 

13th Form Created by Master Chen Bing

Ms. Chilin Yu or Andi Sie


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