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Our Teaching

Our mission is to make people happier, healthier and be fearless in life. Together we practice Taichi as taught by our head master, Master Chen Bing. It starts by calming our mind, our body and releasing our tension. Then, we will train body and breathing awareness,  self alignment and movement effectiveness. We will also be learning authentic Taichi forms including varies empty hand forms, sword form (for intermediate to advance students), silk reeling (energy circulation training), push hands (partner training), and fajing (explosive power applications). Basically, we help each other to attain the ultimate harmony for our mind and body.  We practice to manage the ever changing state of the opposite forces in life commonly known in Chinese as 'Yin and Yang'; soft and hard, slow and fast, push and pull, and so on. 

Master Chen Bing
Founder/Head Master of Chen Bing Taiji Academy Headquarter in Chenjiagou, Henan, China.

We have been very fortunate to have the presence of Master Chen Bing to teach (seminars, workshops and private lessons) directly in Columbus, Ohio USA since 2004 almost annually. Master Chen Bing is a direct lineage of Chen Wangting, the creator of Chen Taijiquan (Taichi). Master Chen Bing is also an undefeated Taichi champion, 12th generation lineage holder of Chen Tai Chi, and  the headmaster of Chen Bing Taiji Academy located in Chenjiagou, Henan Province, China - The Birth Place of Taijiquan. (See:'ai_chi_ch'uan).  


He is frequently invited to teach seminar world wide. Please visit for his international seminars. 

Our Teachers

Master Chen Bing - Andi Sie_edited_edited.jpg
Andi Sie
Head Teacher


Andi Sie is a lifetime martial artist who focuses on the non-violence approach and long term health benefits of practicing martial arts. In Taijiquan/Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Andi is a 13th generation practitioner of Chen Taiji family and direct disciple of Master Chen Bing (who is a direct descendant of Chen Taijiquan founder; Chen Wangting). In the past 20 years, Andi had also taught students of all ages in a diverse setting; from kindergarten to 8th grade in a preparatory school, college as well as senior citizen in martial arts schools and community centers. 


Andi has trained martial arts since he was seven. Andi is a certified Taichi practitioner, Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters Certified Black Belt  - 1999, Vice President of The Ohio State Universtity Kukki Taekwondo Club - 1997/99,  junior instructor of Shaolin Kungfu Academy in Edmond, Oklahoma - 1996/97,  and an assistant instructor of Kelabang Pentjak Silat in Cirebon, West Java - 1990/91/92/93. He was the Columbus Asian Festival Martial Art Committee Chairperson from 2004-2013, full time licensed martial arts teacher for Performance Academies from 2015 to 2016, and Tai Chi teacher at Dragon E's Blackbelt Academy since 2016. 

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson is a certified Chen Taiji practitioner who has been studying Chen Taiji directly under Master Chen Bing since 2008. Jack has received direct training from Master Chen Bing in the United States as well as in China.

​In addition, refer to by his students as Sifu Jack Anderson of the Shaolin Huiguang USA school, Jack has 21 years of Tai Chi training under Master Jef Naayers and other renowned Martial Arts Masters, both in the United States and China. Jack has been teaching Tai Chi for 14 years.

Gisa Rieske

Gisa Rieske started training in martial arts 25 years ago and has been teaching martial arts since 1995 in Ostrander, Ohio. She has a black belt in the Kuda family martial arts style of Matsumura Kenpo. In 2005 she started training in the Chinese martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu. She was introduced to Chen Taiji the following year while staying in China and eventually became a certified Chen Taiji practitioner under Master Chen Bing. She has since expanded into other softer styles of martial arts such as Aikijutsu, Aikido and most recently Taijutsu. Her martial arts training has been an amazing journey which has taken her over much of the US, China and Japan training in different martial arts schools with their masters.

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