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Workshop & Private Lessson

We work with businesses and other organizations to offer in house tai chi workshops or private lessons. Workshop contents can be personalized to fit the organization's objectives. Please contact to discuss options and availability.

Fees varies depending on the arrangement.

Classes at Dragon E's Tai Chi

New students are welcome. Sifu Jack Anderson will be teaching for the group classes at Dragon E's. Please contact us prior to attending at to register and get most updated class schedules. Fees are payable to Dragon E's Black Belt Academy


$10 single class

$35 4 classes

Find more info or register for classes​.

T​erms & Conditions


We require all students to review and sign a Training Agreement  with Waiver of Liability Indemnification/Hold Harmless Clauses which says that:


I, the undersigned below, hereby represent that I am physically and emotionally fit to engage in martial arts/Chen Taiji training (the training). I fully understand the the nature of the training being provided and I am mentally and physically fit to do so. I further acknowledge that by entering upon the course of the training, I will be exposed to a risk of personal injury arising out of possible negligence or unavoidable accident due to the very nature of the physical arts of self-protection.


By signing this agreement, it is my stated intention to knowingly assume such risk, and to hold the organization including teachers, organizers, facilitators, building owners, all agents and representatives thereof completely free of liability for any injury sustained as a result of my participation in the training.


Furthermore, I will conduct myself at all training sessions in such a manner as to avoid committing any acts that would willfully cause other training participants or instructors to be subjected to the danger of possible harm or injury. If my conduct, actions, or statements are determined to be detrimental by the teacher/organizer to the training  I agree to remove myself and my effects from the training area.


I, hereby further agree that this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement shall be constructed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.

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